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The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.

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#926: So, Should We Recycle?

Listen to #926: So, Should We Recycle?Cities might be picking up your recyclables, but there is a very good chance they aren't being recycled. And that might be a good thing...if you really care about the planet. Part two of a two-part series. ⎸Subscribe to our newsletter here.

#925: A Mob Boss, A Garbage Boat and Why We Recycle

Listen to #925: A Mob Boss, A Garbage Boat and Why We RecycleIn 1987, an Alabama man had an idea. So he made a deal with the mob. And ended up with 3,186 tons of trash no landfill would take. This is the accidental birth of recycling in the U.S. ⎸Subscribe to our newsletter here.

#924: Stuck In China's Panopticon

Listen to #924: Stuck In China's PanopticonChina is building a high-tech surveillance state to capture minorities' every move and word. We go inside it and find that some Americans are involved. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter

#752: Eagles vs. Chickens

Listen to #752: Eagles vs. ChickensA farmer in Georgia became more in tune with nature. Then eagles started killing his chickens. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter:

#923: Good Teachers, Bad Deal

Listen to #923: Good Teachers, Bad DealTeachers made a deal with the Department of Education. They kept their end of the bargain. Why didn't the government?

#922: The Cost of Getting Your Money Back

Listen to #922: The Cost of Getting Your Money BackAccidentally sending $1,500 to a stranger on Venmo reveals just how hard it is to get your money back in the new economy.

#921: Tales From The Parking Lot

Listen to #921: Tales From The Parking LotThree stories: A tire-booting vigilante, a surge price conspiracy, and the civil rights fight over parking tickets.

#920: What Should We Be Worried About?

Listen to #920: What Should We Be Worried About?The economic recovery turns 10 this month. Don't get too comfortable. There's plenty to be worried about.

#919: Are Cities Overrated?

Listen to #919: Are Cities Overrated?Big cities used to be the land of opportunity for most people. But with changes in work, some economists are wondering: Are cities overrated?

#590: The Planet Money Workout

Listen to #590: The Planet Money WorkoutGyms don't want you to workout. Or at least, not often. It's better for business that way. Economics explains why.

#918: The Day Of Two Noons

Listen to #918: The Day Of Two NoonsPeople didn't always know what time it was. But in the nineteenth century, a high school principal, a scientist, and a railroad bureaucrat synchronized the nation.

#651: The Salmon Taboo

Listen to #651: The Salmon TabooIn Japan, salmon used to be garbage fish. Today, it's a delicacy. How one Norwegian with a lot of extra fish changed the tastes of a nation.

#917: Quit Threat!

Listen to #917: Quit Threat!Sometimes an economy can get so strong the power dynamic between bosses and workers flips: Full employment. Are we there yet?

#916: The Whistleblower Whisperer

Listen to #916: The Whistleblower WhispererJordan Thomas is a lawyer who represents some of Wall Street's biggest whistleblowers. The life that led him here is extraordinary.

#915: How To Meddle In An Election

Listen to #915: How To Meddle In An ElectionIn which someone runs a science experiment on an actual election, on actual voters, to test the persuasive power of ethically sketchy methods.

#914: Trump and Deutsche, A Long Affair

Listen to #914: Trump and Deutsche, A Long AffairAfter Donald Trump's companies declared four bankruptcies, several major banks stopped loaning him money. But Deutsche Bank didn't.

#913: Counting The Homeless

Listen to #913: Counting The HomelessFrom renting hotels to a jobs report-like census in the night, we look at ways communities are helping the homeless.

#407: A Mathematician, The Last Supper, And The Birth Of Accounting

Listen to #407: A Mathematician, The Last Supper, And The Birth Of AccountingThe story of an innovation that changed the way the world works, and of the man who made this innovation possible: Luca Pacioli.

#912: How Uncle Jamie Broke Jeopardy

Listen to #912: How Uncle Jamie Broke JeopardyJames Holzhauer took data, probability and a lot of practice with a fake buzzer, and turned it into a fortune on a game show.

#911: You Asked The Listener Question Hotline

Listen to #911: You Asked The Listener Question HotlineWe answer a bunch of the questions you asked — and even one you *didn't* ask.